Fixes for April 16th

So I hear the hair bug is fixed: something was said about a new sword bug?

What else was fixed? I didn’t find a thread from dev team about what was put in


it’s not hidden : Unconquered Update Patch Notes

thank you

Weapon bug still in game.

Well considering that now my Yorkies is permanently bald…taking off my power helm and replacing it did not bring back the hair…

I put on the alpha skull outfit just so you cant see her as a bald tank

Its worse than before: I used to be able to ‘fix’ it easily

p.s. I noted it after using altG to port to FOTD

Turned on vanity: took off wolf helm: got hair back: turned off power helmet have hair again

still more of a pain to fix it now

So more tryhing…alpha skull helm equipped but vanity turned off: character is bald
take off alpha helm…character has hair

Yeah, people reported having the bug appear sporadically in minigames as well.

People with the problem could you please try to answer a few questions.

Are all you characters affected by it?
Dx9 or dx10?
What’s your patch version?
You can fetch it in-game by pressing shift + f9 and then paste it here, it should look something like this: Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596250_ConanLiveWin32_2019 Revision: 596250

  • i only noticed in on my HoX
  • male
  • Dx9
  • Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596250_ConanLiveWin32_2019
    Revision: 596250

Ok the bug only works when I have alpha wolf helm equipped as vanity

Happens on the two characters I checked:

only way to fix is to remove the alpha wolf helm even if I take off ‘enable vanity’

so its the helm doing it to my characters

btw this helm will also keep most cloaks from showing except for some of the werewolf ones and the new mammoth cloak (don’t know if any more work for it or not since I am using mammoth one)

the vast majority of regular cloaks used as vanity will not show up under alpha wolf helm either but that’ was not an issue for me…being bald is