Chest - More menu overlap fixed?

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Is this fixed in console parity patch 2.3?

Opening the More menu in a chest or cupboard (R1 on the PS4) and the pop up menu doesn’t have the correct z axis. It needs to be brought to the foreground rather than being in the background.

I don’t know if this happens on Xbox or PC.
Does this happen on Xbox or pc?

I have never seen that on PC. We dont have a more button for chests or even a take button, just take all.

2021-04-01 16_14_21-ConanSandbox (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)

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Oh ok thanks @JJDancer

So console specific then. Anyone with Xbox able to confirm this happens there too?

I’m doubting that this is fixed with console parity patch then if it’s not even a thing on PCs. I know I’ve seen this mentioned on the forums before but I’ll report it in PS4 big category.

Just for curiousity’s sake, on PC how do you get info or split the stack?
Right click or some keyboard key?

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