Chests lost while walking out of area

Do I have to worry about loosing chest full of items now after update just lost around 10-15 chests which were filled with potions dry wood and other building materials and weapons event log says lost stability and it all happened as I walked out of area chests were staked on them selves and had been like that for months with no issues

I used to stack the chests but once one of them lost stability and I lost that chest and the one above it.

This was maybe 15-18 months ago.

It was while I was not logged in on an official server.

We had been stacking them for months and months without issue.

As soon as I logged in and found out about the 2 lost chests, I immediately contacted a clan mate and we moved all the chests to just be one chest high. No more stacking.

No issues ever since

Funny. (Not funny) I just had the same thing happen to me on my Xbox.
This did have 3 chests on it. One shelf had a loot bag, chest gone. I was lucky to see it. I would of lost alot of hard to come by resources on Siptah.
I logged in yesterday not even 10 foundations away…the other 2 wouldn’t reset. Still said decayed. Had to put them in inventory and replace them.

This just started happening on our server after the update. Several different players has reported chests gone due to stability . I’m thinking it is a stability issue with the update (bug)

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