Chieftan Armor bugged

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So, the Chieftan Armor has been changed again - and I’m reporting this as a bug because this can’t be right.

For starters, this armor took about 3 hours to craft… yea, there’s nothing in this game that should take that long just to CRAFT. Farming and grinding is one thing, but 3 hours total to craft the 5 pieces an the Garrison Armorer bench with a T3 thrall; that’s not cool.

The set has LESS armor than any of the other ‘normal’ heavy armor sets you can make.

The bonuses have been changed - was this intended? When first released, it was an vitality and strength set. Now none of the pieces give strength. Some give agi, grit, enc, acc, and survival, in addition to vitaility. None give str.

This set has gotten very confusing, and frankly, does not appear to be worth the time or resources to craft comparatively to other armors. I’m assuming this is a bug, because, you know, why would you put something in the game that takes so much work to get, only to have it be of less value than the other ‘normal’ sets

Also, special request while we’re at it - can we get something that tells us what armors ‘should’ give us in the crafting menu? I mean, spending resources just to find out the spent resources were a ‘waste’…

For reference - and this is with a T3 armorer. None of the armor pieces state they will give any of these bonuses except for vit, enc and agi. So there’s 3 bonuses I’m getting that are NOT in the description of the armor pieces. This set was just crafted today.

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Most of our thrall army is equipped with that armor just for the STR.

Maybe the old armor sets didnt change

Probably - usually stuff that is crafted pre-patches doesn’t get altered.

I may be wrong, but i cant remember this armor ever gave strenght. Only good vitality and 1-2 to other attributes than strenght. Nightstalker on the other hand gives strenght and agility. Also, clocked crafting to 1 hour 15 ish minutes. But yeah, way to long.

Before the economy update, chieftan gave only str and vit.

It also gave encumberance on the legging. I know, because i used it in my enc build. (Note mine was not crafted with a named armorer, so that may factor in???)

Hey @Biggins

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our team so they can look into it.


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