Choosing a map to play in SP (UI optimization)

Everytime i want to play in SP i have to choose between The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, that’s good, i like to have the option to play in different maps and save my progress, but i have a problem with the UI when it prompts this:

In terms of UI it’s ugly and even troublesome, it may give the player a bad experience by accident and having to load the other map to be able to return to the menu is a bad user experience.

My suggestion is to give the option separated from the begining like this:

  • Play Online
Single player/Co-op
The Exiled Lands:
  1. Continue
  2. New game
The Isle of Siptah
  1. Continue
  2. New game
  • Friendlist
  • Settings
  • etc.

Thank you :^)

I am confused by this post, probably I don’t understand what you mean. What kind of bad experience?

choosing the wrong map by misclick, mistake or being in a hurry. The ui is very small in this section and it actually looks out of place compared with the rest of the interface.

A good user interface wont put the user in conflict of any kind, will make it easier to select the server and play.

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