Isle Option for SP - DLC NOT FOUND


I do not see an option to play the Isle map as SP.

I log into the old map and my character is now BALD!

Is the Isle only available for play on online servers? I thought we could pick the map?

Now I cannot even play on a PvE server as it says that I DO NOT have the DLC.

This is ridiculous.

You need to start a new game with the Isle of Siptah map first, only after you will be able to select between the two saves. If you have only one save, the game doesn’t offer you this option.

Hey @valkyrja

You can play on Siptah by selecting it from the New Game menu.

Regarding your Exiled lands issue, it is quite possibly caused by an outdated mod. Please be aware that mods will cause issues immediately after a new game update release, which is why we add the disclaimer in each patch note. Give modders some time to update their creations to be compatible with the latest update.

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That option does not display.

Have you purchased the map?

Disregard. I am a moron.

I did the update and forgot to buy the map.

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