Isle of Siptah Question - How do I get there? Lol Confused

Xbox Series X


So I just bought the Isle of Siptah DLC for my Xbox Series X… when it installed it was only 3GB??? Though I had a MASSIVE update yesterday. Anyways, I’m very confused as to how to access the Isle of Siptah? There’s no option for it on the main screen, and when I load up single player I can’t see anything for it. Is the Isle of Siptah online only!? Can it be accessed in single player? If so, how? Someone please help ASAP!


UPDATE: Can’t access single player anymore because the game freezes right before it finishes loading. Looks like the game is broken again

It better not be online only

In order to access IoS in SinglePlayer you need to create a new game because IoS is has its own save, once you create a new IoS game, next time you select to play SP, you will have a menu to select which of the 2 saves you want to load.

If you are joining a server, all you have to do is find one that runs the map.

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The Isle of Siptah may or may not be played in offline mode only.

As long as you own the DLC you can play Isle of Siptah in the exact same way you play Exiled Lands including all modes available.

It’s playable on single player I was just there also note when going to custom the first section on settings right at the top will be exiles land, click it to give option to set for siptah.

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