Christmas Bounty mission (repeatable version) and timers

I tried to run the repeatable version of the Christmas bounty this morning (for the second time) and found that none of the champions I killed yesterday evening were available or gave credit.
With the mission itself having a cooldown of 8 hours for Patrons (and assuming 18 hours for the champions), this can lead to a situation where the third run of the day has to be delayed for two hours until the champions of the first run are available again, therefore voiding the Patron advantage of reduced mission cooldowns.


I confirm this. It is impossible to use some summoning items (like gift in SC), there is no loot from champs summoned by somebody else and the worst of it - there is no way to repeat Fog and Mirrors without drop from champion.

I was coming to post the same thing… killed one of the champs I killed yesterday and got no credit and no loot… so that ‘daily’ quest can only be actually done twice?

I’m very sorry for any confusion regarding availability of rewards for defeating the Christmas Champions. Each champion has an individual 18hr cooldown that will have to expire before you can receive their rewards again (including mission credit), so this is expected behavior.

If the champions have some kind of cooldown then that needs to be indicated with an in-game timer. Otherwise they should just reset at the same time other daily activities reset.

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Ok the mission reset within one day the first time, and now it says that it has a 2 day cooldown? I’m so confused! (I’m not a patron)

There are two bounty missions: a first-time mission with bonus rewards, and a repeatable version. You can do the two different missions back-to-back. The repeatable version is subject to normal mission cooldowns, which you can check in your mission journal.

As much as it pains me to agree, something like this needs to be done. I have picked up the mission again today and am not able to proceed because I can’t remember which champions I have beaten and are on cooldown.

Sure I can run around killing every champion over the nine zones but that kind of takes the fun out of it doesn’t it…

If you’re doing the mission twice a day, then it’ll become fairly standard which you kill in the morning and which in the afternoon - the cds will ensure that.
Personally, I just run the first 4 zones first, then the second 4 the next time. That way it’s minimum effort to remember what’s on cd and when.
Isn’t the aim to get us visiting the different zones? That’d make sense, as you need to go to 8 for the double mission. It even leaves the 9th as a spare in case you really hate one of the fights.

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I have no problem visiting the zones, the problem is that I end up visiting areas, killing things and then not getting a reward. Or getting there to find I can’t interact with the mechanics to summon.

Yes I probably should have a routine. I don’t. Just like in RL.

The game shouldn’t make me run around the houses because of that. Something as simple as showing the cooldowns of each champion would make life much easier.

Edit: I’d like to add I’ve actually enjoyed these new Champions and the Investigation mission. It makes a change from the usual Xmas content. My thanks goes out to those that worked on them and helped to make this Xmas more than a rehash of older content.

I would not be opposed to a cooldown timer, would definitely appreciate it, but at the very least it looks like you don’t have to kill things to find out if they are on cool down. Looks like if it’s on cooldown the skull won’t show on the map, once it’s off cooldown it shows up again?

Still doesn’t help as much if you don’t have free fast travel to quickly check on them.


But the cooldown on the champions is not in the journal, nor is it anywhere. That’s what this entire thread is about. I think it was incredibly bad design to put this out without something to tell you what the CD was per champion.

I think the suggestion of removing the skull icon from the map if they’re on CD could be an ok bandaid fix until a real fix can be implemented. I won’t hold my breath, though.

Are people seeing the skulls on the map while it is on cooldown? I checked on mine today and the ones on cooldown didn’t have a skull showing, the ones off cooldown did, but that was only one test so maybe it isn’t working correctly for others (or it coincidentally worked that way for me)?


The champions which will give rewards show as skulls on the map, they won’t when the champion is on cd.

That’s fine for those champions with fixed spawn points, but for those which can spawn all over the map (curses the CF) it’s not fun trying to decide between “it’s on cooldown” and “it’s at a spawn point I never seen before”.

For me personally, that’s why I’m probably not going to bother with CF again. I got it once, I’ve got eight other champions as an option, and only need four each for a mission that’s on an eight hour cool down.

I’d still love to see a cooldown timer, but I’d still probably skip CF.

I didn’t suggest that the use of the icon on the map could replace a visible timer, merely that @JLegrasse’s observation was correct.

Not true. Skull shows for me all the time.

The KM champion is on cd for me, no minimap marker…

There’s also no marker if someone has just killed it and it hasn’t respawned yet. But that’s just a matter of waiting a minute.