Chronicles of the Horde, RP PvE-C

Chronicles of the Horde
Chronicles of the Horde is a Conan Lore friendly RP-PvP server. The story begins as the Horde makes landfall on a strange shore as they track the ones who abducted one of their clan. The World is PvP with safe zones for those who want to try and remain neutral in the upcoming conflict. Side with the Horde, side with the Abductors, or forge your own kingdom as War begins to brew across the land.

Features and Settings
Daily Quests, Player Market, Established Neutral Zone for PvE players, Minimal Mods
30 Slot server to start
x2 Gather rate
Body does not stay in game on log out
Otherwise vanilla settings

Savage Wilds
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Barbarian Extended Arsenal
All the Little Things (edited)

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