Saga Of Suffering (E/RP/PvP/PvE)


Conan Exiles Roleplay Server with PvP/PvE, (Consent based, ERP friendly)

Beginning of SEASON 2, started 2nd of June 23’
Be part of creating something new and unique together

Our aim is not to let the RP aspect of the game be overshadowed by poor PvP balance or PvE grind. We desire that the PvE grind does not act as a barricade for players, particularly those with a busy life, but still offers a deep, rewarding, and unique grind system for those who enjoy PvE. Likewise, the PvP mechanic is not forced upon players who came primarily to roleplay, but where PvP skill is not muted for those who prefer competitive play.

Place where choices matter, character creation is meaningful and defined character is the pinnacle of immersive experience. Characters with flaws and real characteristics, but still offering a good unique flavor from a low fantasy setting.

Lore: Custom Low Fantasy Lore (Mix of Classic R.E. Howard Conan lore, Mongoose & Modiphius RPG Conan lore)

Map: Savage Wilds

:small_red_triangle: **Setting: **Max level: 60; No Drop on Death; Text-based RP; No Avatars; No Decay; No Purges, No Wipes (as long as the server is running well), Characters transfer through seasons (no need to grind all again); Max Clan Size currently 5.
:small_red_triangle: PvP is NOT default resolution of the conflict. The Defender can pick if the fight is resolved with PvP mechanic or Dice roll Combat.
:small_red_triangle: Transparency & Funding: Admin abuse control; Advanced info about Wipes; Community Funding and Polls; Change Proposal and Feedback systems. No pay-to-win benefits and no hiding of external modders work behind a paywall.
:small_red_triangle: Dedicated Server Modder and mod
:small_red_triangle: Starter Boosts: option to pick Level 60 Kit and Starting Building Kits or get other progression benefits instead. Enabled Transmog Gear to start with the concept you like.
:small_red_triangle: Clan Competitive Game (level up your clans towards big realm and maintain your treasure!)
:small_red_triangle: Unique Artifacts (one per server) to claim and grow your powers!
:small_red_triangle: Completely remade Feat system with new unique mechanics of progression, which can be kept through the Seasons.
:small_red_triangle: Exclusive Thieving and Sorcery mechanics.
:small_red_triangle: Fighting Classes.
:small_red_triangle: Factions and more…

Server Location: EU

Community: We have staff and players from North America and Europe, AUS is welcome too. Discord and Character Applications to ensure we are the right place for you and you for us. Although we care about the quality of Roleplay, we try to encourage and support newcomers to Roleplay or Conan Exile. Private Clan channels and Clan tags.

Server Modlist: Modlist

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Hi all,

As a player on this server I was blown away by the Roleplay Redux system that partially takes over the ingame mechanics. There are no professions but there are master feats. And of those you only can take some. Soo you will still need other players to reach all equipment, weapons and building pieces you need. And I think for a roleplay server this is a great concept I’ve seen on different servers. Because of those mechanics and the character creation you can make a really unique character. This server is growing, and the roleplay I had was fantastic. So yes, this is a cool server, where they are launching more and more events.

:heart: So come and join us to make part of our universe. :heart: LoveYaAll

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I just gonna repeat myself. Come and take a look if you like roleplay and the standard Howard setting. It’s filled with nice respecting people who brings very descend RP.

I know! The start, reading the rules and filling in the application form takes a little time, but afterwards I only had good impressions.

I took part in 2 events. And those are well prepared and gives a real rush. :boom: The other players are playing realistic characters, and most of them have a story behind them. :thinking:

The storytellers also ask if you have a story too share to give it to them. I did send in a story and they are busy to set something up for me, always with the involvement of the other players. Hopefully I survive to tell what happened .:grin:

But again, cool server, give it a chance! :+1: Join the fun :+1:

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A lot of new people coming in! The server is running very stable and nearly every weekend an event!

This weekend there is Chak’Tok’Ich’Aak’s Ballcourt event: Discord

And Saturday 14/01/2023 we have the Festival of Dance and Words: Discord

Come and enjoy a really good RP server :heart:

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So every time learning more on this very good RP server. There is that very interesting system:

Clan Competive Game:

means that those who can play competitively against other clans will maintain their wealth and treasure in one place (which they can level up with more wealth), which unlocks them further boons. That place can be robbed or claimed by other clans. Such clans would be also able to go rob or claim other clans’ treasures.
So do the robbing, with possible in-game consequences, without the out-game whining and frustrations!

I’m so happy to play on this server. The last weeks we had a lot of fantastic role-players joining our game. Such a pleasure having such a great RP. This together with the nearly weekly events it’s really a dream!

Have fun and stay tuned!

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We had again two nice events. An exploration quest together with the treasure hunters of Sepermeru. We found a lot of bodies and where also attacked by bandits and later on by undeads. These are always really cool fights. Not too easy, but also not impossible!
And then an ‘Auction Event’. A lot of nice objects to obtain. And off course a group of bandits also got the secret location. Result: A big fight!

Come and join us!

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Tell me! What does it mean when players who leave come back after one week? It means this server offers a consistent world, adventure, good rp and a fair community.

Are you into RP? Are you into a realistic Conan experience ‘Howard’ lore? Like a challenge?

Why don’t you try our server! You could like it. A lot!

Stay shiny! :sparkling_heart:

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And what a nice times. So much cool RP peeps joining our server. Past weekend we had a very amusing horse race, and the coming weekend we have again a combat heavy event. We will again try to stop the undead army of the Lord Sargatanas. Will we succeed? Maybe not without your help… So why not join now and discover the fun we have over here and become part of the adventure! :+1:

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Season 2 began 2nd of June, we will be playing on Savage Wild map (Northlands in Hyboria). Everyone is welcome to join us.

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Updated main post with actual info.

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