Cimmerian Priest, what religion does it belong to?

Found this sucker at the Mounds, anyone know what religion she belongs to? I thought Jebbal Sag was the final religion to be added.

Sorry bout the crap photo, took it with my phone in a hurry.

My understanding was always that Cimmerians worship Crom, though that makes priest NPCs seem a bit pointless.

I’d guess Ymir, simply because of his location, because you’re right, the Cimmerians (as a people) don’t have priests, altars or any of that junk.

Which is not to say that a Cimmerian (as in Cimmeria being their area/culture/country of origin) can’t become a priest of another religion, for any reason.

I guess I’ll find out when she breaks. Crom was my first thought, but as stated it makes no sense. Didn’t think of Ymir. Thought it might be like the Worshippers of Mitra, but it’s clearly labeled “Priest”, not fighter or archer. Time will tell.
If anyone wants to go grab one, she was behind the hut Dalinsia Snowhunter spawns in, on the cliff edge, behind a low stone wall.

All “named” priests (4th level) of the Cimmerians (Forgotten Tribe) are the priests of Ymir.I am sure that other levels are the same. Whatever you think about it :smirk:.
Just because we have a god in the game - an empty place, Krom :tired_face:.

Crom is the manifestation of Funcom’s official server policies.

He needs no representation


Ymir for sure. That’s what it’s labeled in the dev kit.

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