Some Confused Nordheimers

Hello Exiles

So running around in the Nordheimer village in the north and I noticed that when you agro a nordheimer, they shout “For Crom”.

I find this odd because the nordheimers worship Ymir. So shouldn’t they shout “For Ymir!”


Can Funcom maybe record some new battle cries?

Just a thought.

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I am sure this is on their punch list of things to do “When we fix everything else and are totally bored” agenda.
So do not hold your breath.

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You sure it was a nordheimer? Cimmerians follow Crom and they’re in the north too :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever go to Siptah, listen well as the Pirates there who explicitly have priests of Yog and Derketo talk about seeing us again in Valhalla or scream out, For the North! or Death to the Outlander!
Considering the cannibal pirate on Siptah are almost exclusively in the from South of Khemi club, it’s hilarious.

This one sympathizes that it’s very unfortunate that they have numerous dialogue options for different factions and they’ve sorta got scrambled.
All the work that already went into and the pieces just got shuffled somehow.

Cimmerans in the Exiled Lands (specifically the Forgotten Tribe) follow Ymir.
We find his priests all over their settlements.

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Not according to the devs :smiley:

Those Ymir priests in the settlement probably didn’t get the developer memo :smiley:

I was playing my version 1.80 on the PS4 yesterday and I went to the Credits Section. Yours is probably current, so it will likely be different. Have a look at the length of the current QA Team. It’s not for want of personnel. My question for you, and openly is this: are we expected to turn in a spreadsheet of all the incorrect sound effects? If so, I’ll get on it.

This one can go make a character and select “Crom” as their religion.
Then sprint to the north, listen to the Giant ramble about the snow globe, and then build a temple to Ymir and sacrifice in his name.
Certainly the records would show this one’s character’s religion was Crom, but we all would know that is a lie.
Just like listing the Cimmerans at the Mounds as following Crom.

This one would want an actual list of known bugs first. Nothing quite as rewarding as spending hours listening to, comparing, and compiling data just to find out the team was “already aware” of the issues.


Both Cimmerians and Nordheimers are polytheistic. Just because one deity is the most revered among a tribe doesn’t mean they don’t believe other gods exist, nor does it mean that they couldn’t pray to them (or swear by them).

Conan has been known to swear by Ymir, Mitra, Manann and quite a few others he has come across in his travels.

In comparison, many of us have probably heard the old-fashioned British exclamation “by Jove!” - if not in real life, then in literature or movies. That hardly signifies that the Englishman in question worships the ancient Roman pantheon.

By Crom, where is Croms_Faithful when you need him!

But yes, pretty much this!

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