Claims bug, can not get my claims on new toons

When I make a new character for some reason I can not get my /claims. I do have a sub. When I type /claim I get either a blank slate, or just an ‘official summons’. I have 47 items to my account from the years of playing in the past. I would like access to them. Do note, my old characters that used the claim way back in the day can still access the items in my claim window.

Which server are you on? Please note that you cannot claim items (with very few exceptions) on Saga of Zath.


I did not know that…Which exceptions are allowed? It was on Zath, but also I did make a quickie toon on the pve server this morning, and that toon had an empty claims window, as well

DLC items like for Rise of the Godslayer and Vanaheim are the ones that come to mind. Otherwise, claims are not allowed on Zath. It wouldn’t hurt to open a petition ingame to check with a GM and see what’s up. I’m gonna move this to the Support category for now.


To view claims on new characters on Crom or Fury, after creating your character you must log out of that new character and then log back in. Sometimes maybe even fully close the game and restart it. Eventually the claims will appear.

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Ah… ok thanks. Forgot about that log off thing with new characters. This no claims also effects non game effect items like mounts and alternative appearance costumes?

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Correct. The only things you get are the quest starting items. Vanaheim scroll and the Khitai go meet Conan scroll.

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