Clan friendly fire?

can you hurt people in your own clan. Saw a youtube video where it happened but not sure if that was a setting on a private server

In co-op it was possible to hurt your own clan member. My buddy used to do sneak attacks on me as I was twice the level as he. It was entertaining.

After last patch, I noticed that one of my thralls was killed by one of my archers. (Didn’t notice if this happened before the patch.) For Solo/co-op, there is a setting that adjusts friendly fire; might be one for PvE, PvP as well but I do not dwell in those areas.

Myself and 2 friends just started playing the game 2 days ago. We formed a clan and have been having issues fighting together. We attack each other when fighting a mob or our archer shoots us instead of the mob. This is making it hard to defeat bosses. Any changes, to make clan member friendly, coming? This change would make the game much more enjoyable. It is frustrating to say the least.

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In order to do this it needs to be changed in server settings which will not likely happen on an official server so it’s best to look for a hosted one with no FF or make one yourself

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I changed friendly fire from 0.25 to 0 and we can hurt us in our clan. Its bad to fight against a hostile creature together. Dmg is not the problem, but bleeding and other effects.

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I tried this as well 0 doesn’t seem to work but 0.01 does so it’s almost completely negated for damage however you are rite poisoning and bleeds that occur do normal damage so it’s still a risk I find it better to spread out when fighting big enemies are easy but as for small we swap out on combos or have 1 person use the pike rmb to not spread damage as easy