Problems with fighting as a clan


Disable targeting other clan members and disable doing damage to clan members


Every time me and my friend try to attack some AI we accidentally hit each other and on occasion I’ve accidentally killed clan members


Disable targeting other clan members

If you talk about Q “Auto lock”. I agree.

and disable doing damage to clan members

No! that is bad! Maybe a 25-50% reductions at most!
Don’t use massive AoE swings.
Dont shoot arrows in a group were there are friends.
Having clan damage “ON” makes 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 viable… not 1 vs 10 because chances are you will kill your friends.

I like it the way it is, you just have to work around it.


Friendly fire is a risk in combat. I like it that way and I am usually the one getting shot by my fellow clan members since I will engage in melee combat.


Better yet, get rid of auto locking. People complain about aim botting a lot (in numerous games), and I don’t like it in this game. There should still be some measure of skill when attack people other then letting a computer target your enemy for you.


Agree. Friendly fire is not needed. Better teamwork, tactics, and practice are the solution.


There is a server option to lower/disable friendly fire.


On all official severs it is not disabled though


Agreed. Better coordination is the best solution, but I like the fact that poor tactics result in allies getting injured. That is the way we like to roll.