Turn off clan member targeting lock on. Why do I even need this?

Turn off clan member targeting lock on. I want to fight the enemies but it keeps locking on to my clan members during the fight.

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but if they do that I wont have a reason behind as to why I ALWAYS KILL STEVE!!!

Very helpful feature to see your clanmate’s health status.
BUT I would like it to only target NON hostiles on a double tap or other safety feature.

When would your clan mates health status be more important than locking on and killing the things that killing them? That’s your positive spin on a useless copy paste code by the devs?

It works out of combat too.
After a fall damage or after combat to check if they need help or anything.

That auto-re-lock is the only thing irritating in it.
So after you locked onto something that should never change unless you set another target manually or your old target dies.