Target lock in PVE

So my screen name is a bit of a misnomer. I’m more of a builder than a fighter. As such, I rely on the target lock feature a lot. Under normal circumstances this is fine. However when running with allies from multiple clans it gets frustrating. Instead of locking onto the baddies, I find that my spear is thrusting into a friend. Thankfully, there’s no damage in PVE. I’m sure it gets messier in PVP and PVE-C. I bet there’s a similar post, and if so I apologize. It’s just I haven’t started running with allies until recently.

Can we get a mechanism to flag friendly clans? Not just to avoid the target lock and friendly fire, but to keep thralls and pets away?


The second point is, I feel, perhaps the stronger. If my thralls could stop having collective aneurysms whenever another player runs by, it would be very nice. Particularly as they have a tendency to clump up in corridors and hallways, occasionally trapping the hapless stranger with no way out save suicide.


I don’t like the “tag friendly” idea because that is an alliance feature. I think a max 10 clan is all we need–maybe with better member levels and such for private property. But i am all in for some way to turn off aggro if it is not appropriate to the style of server. So it should be tied to melee damage time. Unfortunately this means thralls in shoddy built base may get plucked off one by one if you are off line for PVP and PVE-C. The best way to avoid that is to build bases with your army inside a spot that can’t be climbed into. PVE it wouldn’t matter, as no aggro/damage on players anyways.

Official PVP is 24/7 melee, so thralls should always be on and attack players.
Official PVE-C is a 6 hour window, and should only be on then.
Official PVE is no melee, so should never be on.

Now if only those same pets and thralls would get that worked up when a baddie is about to gank me while we’re out farming… :sweat_smile:

But yeah getting pets/thralls to not react to other players in our bases would be a godsend for PvE servers. Their current behavior has literally no benefit and is nothing but headaches.

Even getting kicked or punched by a clan members makes a mess of thralls piled up

It sounds to me like the best way to fix the grouping thing would be to add a condition to the thrall AI to check if there are any valid targets before running over to the commotion. Another cool thing might be comments on it if there isn’t a target. IE “What the hell?!”, “What was that?!”, etc.

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