Enable Auto Facing On Attack

Hi guys!

There is an option in Settings -> Gameplay to tick Enable Auto Facing On Attack. What does it really do? I tried to experiment with it, but can’t draw any conclusions.

Any ideas?

Bumping this because I would also like to know the answer. Trying it on and off didn’t seem to do anything.

I think that may be a setting that only works for when you lock on, which may explain why when im fighting thralls with a clan mate around when i spam attack and I’m close to my clan mate I just turn lock on and try to attack them. Not sure though so don’t take this as truth just a guess.

Fun fact Lock on will affect clan mates.

I think I found an answer. Taken from the game’s actual manual: “Enable Auto Facing on attack - Activates the autotargeting system when using gamepad”.

How I understand it is, that gamepad users have some autotarget feature. This setting might be irrelevant then for keyboard users.

ah crap theres a manual to this, bleh who needs to read it anyways! but lol thanks for answering though that does make a bit more sense than my theory XD I can understand them having a slight auto aim i guess for following the combos path when attacking.

I play with a pad, I will have to experiment with it on and off some more. It honestly felt like it does nothing but I didn’t do a lot of testing.

Thanks for the answer though.

I tested it with both keyboard and mouse as well as an Xbox controller.
It seems to do nothing at all.

““Enable Auto Facing on attack - Activates the autotargeting system when using gamepad”.”
This seems to be false.

This is a feature that was on TestLive for a while, before the game was released. What it did was act as a sort of ‘soft lock-on’ for when you attack nearby an enemy. If you weren’t facing directly at the enemy, it would change your attack angle so that it pointed directly at the nearest person. We were finding that it didn’t determine between enemies and our own clanmates, so it was removed.

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In that cause, the lock feature should be removed entirely as it doesn’t make that distinction either. In fact, it ‘prioritizes’ clan members and thralls over enemies, making it a pain to use unless you’re solo.

“Removed the “Always Attack Towards Target” gameplay setting, as this setting is inactive”

I saw this in patch notes but assumed it was a different feature. Is this what they meant to remove?

The difference between this and that is the lock-on is visible to the player, while the auto-facing was only apparent as soon as your attack is unleashed. So you might think you are aiming at the big boss beside your ally, only to find out that your auto-facing decided to backstab your ally instead. Lock-on can start on your ally, yes, but it’s very visible and easy to change your lock-on target. Auto-facing was a much more annoying issue.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation.
Sounds like it could have been pretty nice if they just fixed it instead of remove it.

So uh… Minutes after my last post, TestLive was updated.

“Auto-target should now prioritize enemies over clan mates”

There is a setting in the ini, AttackTowardsCamera that defaults to false. I’m not at home right now so I can’t test it but if that just made you swing at the dot, it would be real cool and something they should add a checkbox for.

I set that to True the other day. Nothing changed.

Damn, being able to aim your swings up and down would be real nice instead of swinging over the croc’s head.

We can. If you can’t, it’s bugged. Try killing yourself.

Alternatively, you can try locking onto the target. That should make you aim up or down as necessary.

Auto face works fine. When you are attacked from behind etc if you click the lock button your character turns to face the target.

If it locks on a team mate just push the R stick left or right to cycle targets.

Well if that’s how auto face works, that’s great, but that’s not how it’s described in the manual, as seen above in bobbagum’s post.

My character behaves in the way you described whether auto face is turned on or off. So it still seems to be a pointless feature that does not work.

Okay got it.

It’s the feature @TwinCrows described above, but it’s now working on the new TestLive build.
I just tried it out. It’s prioritizing enemies over my thralls.

From the patch notes:
“Auto-target should now prioritize enemies over clan mates”

Wait I am all confused now between all these terms and what works and what not. So auto-facing doesn’t exist anymore? And auto-targeting is a different thing? How is auto-targeting different from lock-on? I am totally lost.