Clan list problem

Clan list doen t work

Doesn’t work, as in it just plain doesn’t show up?

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No as in you cannot modify clan ranks as implemented in your new clan rank system. I cannot make someone a recruit it will not allow me to select anything on that screen


Right on, thank you for clarifying! I’ll notify the devs.

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Welcome. Can jungle bird heads be mounted now?

Clan list also doesn’t show online members. I used to be able to press B to see who was online also, but that’s not an option.

I’m having the same problem. Can’t click anything under clan. Update: nudity seemed to be the root of the bug. On ps4 you have the option of partial or none but somehow the drop down bar was populated with the word (full). Changing that back to none or partial fixed my clan settings

Tnk youu

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