Help with a Clan creation/invitation tool issue


I am facing issues with the clan creation and management tools:
I created a clan on my own to be able to share my progress with a friend and the “clan” page on my character hasn’t changed to reflect this: it still only offers me the option to create a new clan, but even if I try to do that, it tells me that I am “already in a guild”.
However, in the player list, I appear with my clan name next to me.
I cannot invite anyone, cannot change my clan name, or even leave the clan to join another.
If I stand next to a friend to invite them, and press “Square”, my screen flickers once and nothing happens. If they try to invite me, they are told that I am already in a clan.

This is very disheartening as sharing my base with my friends is now impossible and I am stuck on my own.

I would really appreciate some support and when I tried to send a support email on the Funcom website, it didn’t send at all. This is the only option that I found to try and find some support.
I hope this reaches someone that can help.


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Hey @Rain-Elf

Welcome to our community.
Are you playing in an official server, a private server or a coop server?
If in any of those first options, did this issue persist after the server restarted?

Hi Ignasis,

Thanks for your answer.
Luckily, I play on a server that I rent, so I rebooted it and the problem seems to be fixed!
Apparently the good “Switch off, switch on” applies there too.

I am very grateful for you input and help.

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Glad to hear the issue is resolved :slight_smile:
Have fun!

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