Official Server #1880 Clan Issue

I’ve run into an issue on Official Server #1880, I created a clan by typing in the clan name, but now whenever I go to the clan tab, it still shows “To create clan enter a name” and doesn’t show any clan management. When I try and type a new clan name in I get the error “Already in a guild” and when I go to the Player List I see my character name listed in the clan that I had created initially. In addition to this, I can’t invite anyone to my clan because when I hold ‘E’ to interact with another player the screen flashes but the interaction wheel does not pop up. Can’t recreate character to solve the issue because I’m leader of the clan and I’m not sure what else to do.

Have you tried restarting the game and steam and/or killing yourself by removing the bracelet? How about verifying the integrity of the files via steam?

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