Clan invites. Do we both need to be logged in or what?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: EU and East Coast N.America.

We are two people that are trying to form a clan, one of us in Europe and the other in America. I have found the other character while the player was offline and pressed invite but it has not worked.

What to do?? Do we really need to find a time when we both are awake to meet and invite?

Yes you both have to be on

Not great, but we made it so whatevs.

But do anyone perhaps know if only the clans founder can invite more or can everybody?
If only i can, is there a way to delegate that power to others?

Jesus, do you really need to ask this?

Obviously yes. Do you really need to be like this?

That’s a pretty basic function of how guilds/clans work in all games. So you should probably have expected a response like that…

Anyway yes, you can promote people to like an officer rank where they have limited administrative rights to the clan. It’s under the clan tab when you open your inventory and all that.

Yes but i saw no such thing and need to be pointed out where that function is.

I’ve been to the clan tab many times but seen no such thing, only noticed names and words of the day.

If you’re on PS4, there’s seems to be a weird bug where it won’t let you do anything when you first come to the clan screen, but if you tab over to log and back, you should be able to highlight the character you want to change and press ‘x’ this pops up a menu for things like promote, kick, show profile, ect.

This is only possible btw if you are an officer or clan leader.


Finally an answer. Thank you good Sir.

A bug, did you hear that rude people.