How to invite friend to my clan?

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Region: EU
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me and my crew are trying to gather in a clan, i have created my own clan and couldn’t find a way how to invite them into my clan. Not only that but also cant find them on the map!
please need help.

Repro steps:

Once you have made a clan, you need to go up to a player you want to invite. Press and hold the square button and that should give you the option to invite them. Currently, there aren’t currently icons on the map that show locations of other players.

i cant upload a picture cuz im a new member but when i press square it shows the online/offline members. There is no list of players that i can choose from its hard to so so. ot sucks u cant pin ur friends on map

You need to walk up to the actual character in game and face them first. So when they’re online, walk up to them and then invite them.

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it did work thank you. its disappointed i cant pin my clan members on map