[PS4 - Clan] How do I create my own clan and invite others to join it?

That may be a silly question, but I do not know the answer. Please, how do I create my own clan and invite others to join it on ps4? Thank you for your help!

Hey Azhael,

You have to create a Clan in the Clan-Tab in the ingame-inventory-menue thing. The one that opens if you push the Touchpad or the Optionsbutton (depends on settings). Once you´ve created your Clan you need to go to another Player ingame, stand next to him and push Square-Button for Interaction. In the Optionwheel that shows up you can invite the other player to your clan.

Greetings Siebenhayn

is there a way to do this with offline characters? me and my fiance play, but only have one PC. thought it would be cool to be in a clan to make a base together and help eachother with items and such.

Sorry, I do not think I can help, but I do not think there’s such a possibility in an offline game. I may be wrong, I’m no expert in that.

Sorry, I press the TouchPad or Options button and I do not see a “visible” option to create a clan. Am I blind? Lol. Please, send more detailed instructions. I see other players with clans created on the server and this is very frustrating. Can you send a link to video tutorial so I can compare what happens differently with my own game or if I’m being particularly ignorant to see something obvious?

Ok, my bad. I finally learn it. Thx!

I didnt mean in an offline game, i meant with an offline player. We both play on the same online server. Just 1 PC that we share with 2 seperate characters.

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