Clan Permissions/pin code system for containers and doors

So due to members of our clan going inactive and the 10 person limit my clan has found itself recruiting. One thing we noticed is there no system in place to lock a door ornament container to bring accessible to all members, officers only, or leader only, or perhaps a have the leader/officers of the clan who places the item have a one time chance to set a pin code on a door or container which once entered will not be required again unless the pin code is changed. I suggest this because: 1) When trying to play a survival game with players outside your normal play group whom you’ve never played with before having complete run of your entire base and its inventory can sometimes lead to trolling as we’ve learned in EA. 2) My friends and I have wanted to attempt to create public use areas for other players as a more organic way to meet and trade or recruit other players as well as have some fun, but having only option being build it without doors limits that. With a system like this if we wished to trade with another group or offer aid we simply give them the pincode to the door or chest to the player or group to use and after they’re done change the pincode.


I totally UPVOTE this. Our clan also has private rooms for each member with own door and chest(s).

PIN codes for both clan and public use is also nice to have.

How it works now in other games

Dark and Light allows creating “permission ranks”, which means - a clan member with rank 1 can place a door OR any building piece which will get rank 1 assigned as well. Clan members with rank 1 AND above (>= 1) can use this door or demolish this building. If door was placed by a maximum 5 rank member, then only clan members with rank 5 can use anything.

This eventually still brings problems like another clan member with rank 2 might use personal doors/chests of members with rank 1. PIN code is one solution, personalized access permissions - another.

DnL also ALLOWS adding/changing/removing PIN codes.

What we can do now

I would go with “personalized access” on chests for now only, since they already have lock system. (if it is possible to replicate it for doors, it would be great as well)


  • Solo Player - Player without a clan
  • Privileged Users - Clan Leader and Officers, or solo player without a clan
  • Lockable Containers - chests, crafting stations (like furnace, blacksmith, etc), (and doors?)

Personalized access permissions:

  • Has 2 groups:
    a. ‘All clan members can access’
    b. ‘Only specific players can access’

Functional Requirements:

  • Lockable Containers should be LOCKED BY DEFAULT when placed by ANY clan member or solo player with ‘All clan members can access’ privilege set by default.
  • ONLY Privileged Users can bypass and access all Locked Containers at all times.
  • After Lockable Containers were placed by anyone, ONLY Privileged Users can unlock or lock Lockable Containers.

UI Requirements:

  • When Privileged User is ‘Using’ Lockable Container and selects ‘Lock’ option, additional UI window appears (Similar to the window of current online players; on PC it is bound to B by default):
    A) This Window as the top has 2 radio buttons: ‘All clan members can access’ and ‘Only specific players can access’
    B) By default ‘All clan members can use’ is selected and window is NOT displaying any additional information.
    C) When Privileged User selects ‘Only specific players can access’, 2 lists appear:
    C1) First List is ‘Players who currently have access’ no matter online or offline, clan member or not or another clan member. In this list next to each row is a checked box. Privileged User can uncheck this box (row is not disappearing, only box becomes unchecked, so if you would uncheck offline player by accident, you could check his name back)
    C2) Second List is ‘Select online players below to give them an access’ - list of all current ONLINE players on server who are NOT in first list to avoid duplication. Again next to each row there is an UNchecked box. Privileged User can check the box (row is not disappearing or moving to first list after checking/unchecking to make it clear which players already had access when user opened this UI and which will be new)
    D) Finally, at the end there is ‘Save’ button
    E) Additionally now all players whenever they come to a Lockable Container and Focus them, they see not only ‘LOCKED’, but also a white label ‘All clan members can access’ or ‘Only those players can access: {CSV of player names}’

I do believe that it would be much better than just making a new PIN code system and remembering/entering/hacking those numbers all the time. You can select a player from not your clan to access your chest (or door so they could enter your base if you are allies)

What do you think @Jens_Erik? Can you forward this proposal to the Dev team and let us know whether this would be easy to make and when approximately it could be available on Live?