Clan search or ppl to play (EU Server)

Searching for ppl or clan.
First of all, I play New World in addition to Conan, I’m not always online in Conan.

Where i want to play:

Official Server
I play normaly on PvP server. I fight against Alpha/Beta/Wannabe-Clans/Cheater/Exploiter/Buguser, i know how to fight/defend and to build.
Private Server
I played on some of these server. But some are with toxic members/admins but time change and if u know a good private server, i can take a look.
Isle of Siptah or Exile Lands, i prefer Exile Lands but i dont care wich map i play


  • English (not perfect but enough to communicate)
  • German (kein problem zu schreiben oder sprechen)
  • Italian ( Parlare e scrivere non e piu così facile per me. Dopo 30 anni in Germania e un po piu difficile
    a parlare o scrivere, ma abbastanza per parlare con altri giocatori)