Clan that closes obelisks and the whole area of sulfur

Hello everyone! game on the official server 3557 on ps4 and the alpha of the service closed all the obelisk and all the sulfur area, and it’s been a long time and that’s why the server was cool because they served almost every area that the others get resources. and wanted help from others, what should I do? because this is very toxic and boring.

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please report any violations trough official channels here:

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Definitely report them for griefing, but I don’t know how long does it take for Funcom to revise and take action. If you just started playing, it might just be easier to switch servers. If you’re somewhat invested in that server, there are other places in which to gather brimstone (namely, two caves near noob river). It’s a long and tedious procedure, but you still get a good chunk of brimstone after every run, so you can still build things that require brimstone. Like bombs. Speak to others like you. Form alliances. Build trebuchets, since they don’t use steel or any material that uses brimstone. Bid your time and wait for a moment they aren’t online. Just a couple hours with trebuchets and no active defense spell doom to most clans, alpha or not.

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Imo the only remedy: Play on several servers, leave a server when it gets toxic, park your char filled with your stuff in a safe place. You can pick up that char in a later time keeping what you got in your pockets, and keeping your levels. (Note you will wake up overencumbered and need to make a plan to restart that character, its not thát easy)

I(our clan)have like 5(old) chars in several servers sleeping like that, and acitivly play on 2 servers and maintain the decay timers on those servers.

(need to note them down and be exact or you eventually lose the fight against decay. 1 time forgot and alls gone.

It needs discipline alas, and its not a fun part of playing against toxic players and the lack of server-support of CE.

Usually they leave eventually, and nice clean servers emerge like little gems. Im now playing on a server where south river is almost clean, and a few older players are still in. thats golden.
(If that server /characters still exist after the current events that is. Thanks for that Funcom.)

Can’t say wich one tho lol.

aslong as the gods stay offline you wont be able to do anything against these grieffers…gods are part of the game and funcom is taking theyre sweet time with keeping them offline