Claw Weapons Bug (Cannot use weapon kits or repair kits)

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE Conflict
Map: The Exiled Lands
Server Name: Pure Exiled Lands (3X XP 4X HARVEST) PVP NO RAID
Mods: Pippi: User and Server Management v3.9.6
RA: Character Customization
Barbarian Barber v3.6.3
Akuba’s Salon
Nocturnal Gods: Warpaints
Female New Faces
Male New Faces
Improved Bodies - Female Textures
Improved Bodies - Male Textures
Improved Quality Of Life 3.4.8

Bug: I’m assuming this is a long standing bug that many people have reported on steam but no one has made a post about it on the official forums so here goes. There was a time when claw weapons were a limited time weapon that would leave the players inventory after a set duration. These specific weapons could not use weapon kits or repair kits to increase their damage or repair their durability due to their nature.

Well since then we have legendary claw weapons in the game as well as the new battlepass Acheronian Illusionist Claws which cap out damage-wise at 38 damage by default. When you attempt to equip a claw weapon with a weapon damage kit of any kind, the message “cannot move this item” appears. It does not matter whether you attempt to put the weapon kit onto the claw weapons in any crafting bench or storage box or player inventory in the game, the weapon kit will never attach to the claw weapon type, and same thing goes for using repair kits on legendary claw weapons.

This is really unfortunate as I really enjoy the claw weapons as a weapon type personally, and would love to be able to use them for end game content, but missing out on 10 or 15 damage from the weapon damage kit makes these weapons unusable compared to any other weapon type purely due to their dps.

Please fix this bug, it’ll make people more interested in buying the battlepass for these claw weapons.

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