Client auto selects last server connected

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: GooniesII
Pippi - User & Server Management

RA: Character Customisation
Fashionist v4.3.2
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.32
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.8
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - 2.3.9
Barbarian Barber [vers. 3.6.2]

Bug Description:

Client is failing to load properly and falling into a continous loop

Bug Reproduction:

Started the Launcher and clicked Launch. Client loads normally but instead of stopping, it loads the last server connected then goes through the proccess all over again continusly.

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Greetings KaligarPprime!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the client sellecting the last server you played in.

Situations like this may be due to mods that are being used in the server.
In order for us to test this out, I would suggest for you to delete the following file:
Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods\modlist.txt and manually unsubscribe from all your Conan modes. This will guarantee that mods are not loaded.

Also, make sure to verify the files of the game and restart you computer after doing so.

Please let us know if the issue persists after performing the suggested steps KaligarPprime.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

This was accomplished with little success, server was live for approximately 36 hours and then the client started doing the reload and automatically loading the last server connected to with only selecting the launch button. Why would this be happening?

This is not normal behavior of the Funcom Launcher. Your telling me that a mod which is not even installed (server with no mods ie: Official, does this as well) this is a Funcom issue not a mod issue.

Please look into it and stop writing it off to mods that are not being used. Other servers are running mods fine but some do not why is this and why are mods effecting the launcher like this.

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Please close the launcher and delete the files ConanSandbox\Saved\ModRestartData.json and
ConanSandbox\servermodlist.txt then try again

It’s weird that the Launch button for you is doing what the Continue button is supposed to do indeed.
(That information btw is stored in ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini you can edit that file in notepad and delete the section called [SavedServers] and then save in case you want to take away the game’s ability to know where you were last connected)

Actually they are having a lot of issues so I wouldn’t call it “fine” - just look at all the “Infinite loop” threads. The thing is mods are responsible for a lot of issues and also Steam since it’s not pushing mod updates correctly as it should for some reason.

On top of it Funcom dropped the update on top of mod creators without giving them any time to prepare and update their mods so some are still doing it now. Every time there is a mod update there’s a new set of issues since the server needs to be updated first of all, otherwise every client connecting will be in an endless mismatch loop.
But even afterwards Steam isn’t pushing the updates correctly so a lot of people think they have the latest version of them when they actually don’t and they can’t see any updates till they do a Verify files in steam.

Which btw is something you could try (Properties in steam, local files and verify integrity)

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I will try the above and see if it helps, with about 4k hrs in Conan I will not be giving up on this yet, besides I still need to get in and get the battle pass lol.

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Thank you for your help this may have fixed the problem by deleting the file. If it happenes again, which this is the third time, I will repost here.

I’m having the exact same issue, on official or otherwise servers

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