Client download speed

Hello! There is a problem with the download speed of the game client through the launcher. It is very low. With my Internet I have to download the game client for an hour, but not for 10 hours.

Is it all so? Or is there a solution? Can the client be downloaded somewhere else? Tell me please.

I have the same problem. My internet is very fast ( 300 mb/s) and still i download the files with the speed of 50-100kb/s. I always had such a problem in AoC, inother games works fine


maybe I`m wrong, but I think it also depends on what happening between yr internet provider and funcom servers. I dwell in eastern Europe, my internet is 50mb/s rx/tx and yesterday, when launcher was updating the game files, speed was from 100kb/s up to 1mb/s. I also noticed that W7 has higher download speed then W10 ( neverwinter online, B&S, SWL). so as I said, it depends

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This was an issue I was facing all the time. I had checked my download speed as well. But after I used downloadtime . org (remove spaces )I was able to know the exact speed and change my internet connection. So, check the transfer time for the file and eventually you will know if you have to replace your internet connections. I hope this helps you.

Hello ! its a problem from funcom and not your internet, i have a internet of 1000mpbs and when i dowload game by steam for example i have a big internet dowload but in funcom its really low :slight_smile: