Client performance and FPS is TERRIBLE. Starts off okay and gets worse the longer I play

I played back in 2009 and had a much older computer and performance was better. For instance, I can play Conan Exiles on High settings at a steady 45fps.

Is there any known causes for dramatic fps loss/stuttering? I’ve switched to Dx9 and that helped very briefly, however the problem persists. Switching to pvp/raid or low settings is just as bad.

Any ideas?

I’d love to come back and PVP but I’ll have to trow in the towel if I can’t handle up on this.


Once the patcher is done, there appears a Windows pop up, it asks you if you want to let the Systemtweaker.exe (or something like that) make changes in your system. If you accept that it will clear the RAM usage of the game every now and then. If you click on “no”, the game will take up a lot of RAM when switching from region to region and dungeons and so on.
I am not sure if that’s the problem, but if clicked on no try to click on yes next time and the performance should stay normal.

In case you already did that, you might want to look into the NVIDIA control panel if you have a NVIDIA graphics card, sometimes it can happen that the game does not use the GPU of your card but instead of your CPU.

Thanks for the reply, Force. The system tweak is checked on the patcher. Also, checked NVIDIA CP and everything seems optimal. Other games run just fine. This is the only one I have trouble with.

Tried a mini and there’s no way I can play with this amount of lag.

I’m at my wits end. Probably going to have to quit.

Alt+tab twice helps for me sometimes. I think because windows didn’t prioritize correctly?

Wanna thank the two guys who made suggestions. Since this post I’ve tested other games besides AoC more thoroughly and have determined the fps/stuttering issue is all across the board.

I swapped cards (nvidia gtx 970) for AMD (7850) and the problem is still there. I had feared the Nvidia card was faulty, but that hypothesis proved incorrect.

I’m leaning towards this being a problem with Windows 10. May delete the HD and install a fresh copy of Win 7. (Windows 10 is the worst operating system I’ve ever used, by far!)

On the rig I use for age of Conan I use win 8.1. Never upgraded to win 10 because read about some issues. I have the usual crash and dc from time to time but probably more due to my ISP but nothing terrible. Good luck!

So I thought it may be a windows thing so I actually reverted back to Windows 7. Performance does seem better but the game stutters. However, the FPS remains high.

Even swapped AMD card for Nvidia. Problem persists with both. CPU useage maxes out at 25% and DDR at 50% while playing. So I don’t believe anything is bottlenecking.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with playing casters!

Try using AoC Quick Start. It has a bunch of game tweak options to improve performance.

That is a CPU bottleneck. AoC is a mostly single-threaded game. So all those extra cores do you no good for this game. The only way to improve performance from your CPU is to upgrade to one with better single-threaded performance.

Yea it’s definitely a single threaded game. if you dont have a decent core clock you may experience stuttering. In my opinion 3.5 ghz is a minimum for decent performance.

While we can’t give you any personalized optimization suggestions, we could take a look at your setup to see if there is something simple that can be done to improve performance. This would need to be done through since we’ll ask you for information about your PC.

I currently have a i7 3770 (3.4 gHz) which, according to those benchmarks, is an improvment from my old i3 2120 in single-threading

Very strange indeed.

I wonder if it’s still possible the intel i3 could out perform the current processor. Do you think it would be worth replacing the i7 for the i3 to see if there’s an improvement?

WIll try it out. Thanks!

I highly doubt the i3 would yield improved performance given how much of a step back it is.

I would be interested to know in which situations do you noticing the stuttering. I assume by this you mean the fps drops significantly for a brief moment before bouncing back?

What is your normal fps?
What does it drop to?
Where in the world are you?
What are you doing?

try the game in windowed full screen and just after you log in to the game with your character just do a quick alt-tab to desktop and back to the game. this fixs the stattering


It was apparently the monitor (an older RC led TV) I was using that was causing the issue.

Swapped it out for a newer display and the game purrs like a kitten. Steady 75+ FPS on very high.

Not sure if it was the inpute rate of 60Hz or something else that which causing the stuttering.

Pretty happy to finally have the game where I need it in time for SAGA.


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