Climbing on roof kills following thrall

Game mode: Online MP
Problem: BUG
Region: Whole map

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. I put a bearer thrall on follow
  2. I climb on a roof of my own house
  3. Thrall disappears, leaving a loot bag

did you equip them with a safety harness? roofing is a dangerous job.

He doesn not follow up on the roof. Just disappears in front of my eyes leaving a loot bag behind.

Is this an official server or a private server? Oh and it’s not just roofs that this happens on, ceilings and foundations as well.

To me it happend at Official EU PVE server 1000

Thank you for the reply! I thought it was because I haven’t wiped my server yet. Since it isn’t, you’ve saved me a lot of hassle for nothing, because I was considering doing a wipe. Sorry for your hassle though. I understand the issue because I’ve lost 2 tier III Cimmerian fighters because of it. :frowning:

You are welcome