Clipping Issues for NPCs/Enemies

Game mode: Online - Dedicated Server & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug - Clipping Issues
Region: Dessert - Near Pirateship

so if any characters follows you onto the rock shown in the video, he clips through the ground to reach the top of the rock. even if you build stairs that lead to the top they’ll ignore the stairs and clip through the rock.

i apparently can’t upload images since i’m a new user… so i’ll post a dropbox link to a video instead.
And since i can’t use links i split the link with *

https * ://www *

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get any NPC/Thrall/Enemy/Animal to follow you
  2. Climb or Walk up the rock
  3. Watch Follower clip through the rock to get to you
    (easiest to recreate with stairs leading ontop the rock since enemies won’t loose focus, but still clip through rock instead of walking the stairs)