NPCs clipping seems to cause a large amount of issues with the game

I think that the clipping issues in this game are the cause of most of the issues I’ve experienced with Conan.
NPC pathfinding is regularly getting bugged from them clipping into objects.
Sounds are playing through the entire map because of enemies clipping through terrain.
Followers are getting stuck, repeating paths, ignoring paths, ignoring enemies and more.
Thralls are not returning to their guard positions.
Enemies sometimes not taking damage because they’re possibly ‘blocked’ by a wall that isn’t physically blocking them or simply not in the position you see them in (When NPCs get stuck in the pathfinding loops the interactable position of the NPC is sometimes not consistent with the position you see them in, it can cause them to repetitively walk from this position before teleporting back and repeating. Sometimes the position of the visible enemy functions as normal, sometimes it requires you to change positions to damage them, sometimes it requires them to unclip from whatever they were clipped into.)
There’s probably more that I’m not thinking of. And I wouldn’t be surprised if things like the pathfinding looping could be detrimental to server performance. Curious as to what people think, I know this would probably constitute a bug but it’s moreso my personal speculation so felt it better to discuss in general first.

As an extension there are several annoyances from clipping into horses/followers and becoming stuck, often only being able to jump once to try and leave the NPCs body (sometimes seems to work more than once for anything but a horse, the worst contender of trapping you inside of them)

Fix the clipping and the game will become a whole lot more enjoyable. Am I alone in thinking this?



I would have liked to see an official aproach on the issue. I have not experienced any of the above(or very rarely) on modded Servers. On official Servers this issues is agravating and it seems that 2.2 made it even worse.

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They need some sort of “Guard dog” on NPCs when they are not moving for an amount of Time. If their coordinators not changing in this time frame, then the “Guard dog” can assume the NPC is stuck and then set him back into the World or do an path finding check.

The same routine like in Car Driving Games, when they put the Car back on the Street after x seconds, Funcom. Perhaps someone in the Team has some knowledge of this matter?

Okay, i can see the “Open World” problem. But at last in the Dungeons it could work. Because there Resources do not spawn randomly or not? All have their own locked Space (except the Chests)

Or when some Mods allow to modify the Dungeons, at last allow an “Create/Build an new Path routing Mask/map” Routine/tool for the NPCs or modders. Or ask some Mod Pro for Help

The NPCs do have an Path finding Map or not?

It did. absolutely.


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