Desynch animals and players


im new to Conan Exiles and the game makes much fun!
I play on PC on an official server and i have a weird problem!

The animals (tamed and wild ones) and other players are bugging extremly.
They are extremly desynched and running for 10 seconds in one direction and then are at a complete different position.

The other things like building, crafting and gathering materials are working 100 percent.

I have a decent internet connection and play via LAN!

I really hope, someone can help me?

Playing on a private server and this happens there as well. It really fscks with archery the worst, because you’re aiming at a charging beast and loose your arrow, only to watch it “ricochet” (read: miss completely) because the creature is suddenly 10m away and charging at a different target.

Yea it is annoying when enemies (and your thrall) teleport and blink around like they are damn Ciri from the Witcher. I must go with a thrall only because of that: you never know when you’ll be suddenly surrounded by teleported enemies. It is not connection problem, that happens in solo game, too

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