Stuck and invisible attacking creatures

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

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1.Run into camp or any random animals
2.Watch them attack you without even moving or being near you
3.Slash around you hoping you kill something
4.Fall dead on the floor

So the i got this problem on my main official pvp server only where nearly all animals just stand still and you get attacked by them but they are invisible. Sometimes one will just teleport right infront of you after almost killing you, My ping is around 30-60 inbetween and my connection is stable also in other games and i do not get the same problem in a different official server.

What i have done is reset my whole connection reinstall the game delete my guy on the server completely and recreat unfavorite and re favorite restart everything i could possibly restart but its pretty clear that something is wrong on that specific server.

Please help and do a reset on the servers end or someting so i can play normal again, i dont even mind restarting from lvl 1.

I have a video and could make more of those of what happens if you need it

Thanks in advance

Please contact me soon

This happens when you have serious problems of desync and lag with the server.

But it could have a lot of possible causes, if your ping is normal and your PC is working well etc. the server is experimenting problems (fast check: ask in chat if it affects all players on the server).

Even some acts by the players (intentional or not) could cause problems like this to everyone.


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