NPCs and Animals no longer track straight and don't occupy the appropriate visual space

Online Private:
EU (but based in US)

Since the last update (19th I believe) more than one of our players has experienced an issue where animals and NPCs no longer run or track correctly. It will look like the animal is running sideways at you, but when they reach you and you swing to hit them, they arent there. The swing instead, not contacting anything. A second later the animal will suddenly appear to your right or left as if the graphical interface isn’t tracking their actual position.

Same thing happens to your followers. On screen they look like they are a few feet behind you, but when you approach and attempt to interface, nothing happens. If you walk around, you’ll find an invisible barrier that is no where near you follower, but will interact as though that space is actually occupied by your follower. This doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific type of follower, has happened on Hyenas, Tigers, Thralls, Horses, etc.

Verifying files with steam had no effect. I can reproduce this on-demand and am happy to include a video of it if you’d like.

This issue makes this game nearly unplayable for us. In the savannah, I was trampled and killed by an invisible elephant. All the while, the elephant appeared on my screen as though it was several yards to my right.

This recently developed for another player on our server, whereas some are unaffected entirely.

Any idea what the problem is and how to fix?

Server is on a dell poweredge blade, dedicated to that server, nothing else is running. All players are direct connecting to it via public or private IP.

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sounds like lag or server primary game thread needs more power? I had similar issues on my old server (several year old laptop), but it went away after upgrading to all new dedicated server hardware. Watch all the cores and see if any are spiking up high. From what I read, the Unreal Engine just uses a single thread, but it moves that thread between the cores. (I could be wrong) So you have to monitor all the available cores to see if any are spiking up high.

On my old laptop, my overall CPU usage was always under 25%, but single cores were spiking pretty high at times, causing lots of mis tracking of player and critter positions. Attacking resulted in many misses. Getting hit from far away. Running along a rock path near lava was a good way to die, when suddenly I’d appear in the lava as the lag synced up. Game was unplayable.

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Fair thought.
This is an older Dell server with a pair of Xeon X5355 2.66 ghz CPUs.
4 cores 4 threads (each). History shows that one of the cores runs at about 75% all the time. Probably safe to say that’s where Conan lives.

I just ebay’d some new X5492 (3.4 ghz) CPUs and will swap them out when they get here.
You gotta love old hardware. Parts are cheap. :wink:

Thanks for the help, I’ll let you know what happens.

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ah nice! My old machine was 2.3, so pretty close to yours. 3.4 should be a great help, especially if it OCs even higher, but I’m not an expert in that. Tried OCing my new CPU and it was a disaster. I’d never done it before and apparently there are a bunch of small tweaks that need to be done to do it right. I ended up having to pull my CMOS battery to get it back to bootability again.

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