Heavy desync of NPCs

I’ve noticed since 3.0 that the NPCs suffer greatly from desync for me - only the movement or route tracking.

Some walk normally towards me, others rubberband in my direction.

What can be the reason for this? I had to rebuild the whole server for 3.0.

edit: Siptah Map


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Would you be able to record a video of this to help us better understand the issue?

We await your reply.

Of course, give me a few hours for several small shots

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Good afternoon, fellow developers, I have this problem on all official servers, exiles have very poor synchronization of animals and NPCs when attacked, or at least just in a normal state. They teleport, . And when I try to attack, I don’t have time to beat them, they teleport and it’s very difficult to play At first I thought that it was only me and only I had a problem, but I went to the island of siptah and everything is very normal there, everything is smooth and everything okay, I asked the players who play on the same server, they also confirmed that they have very bad synchronization in exiles, please ask if it is possible to fix this somehow, I repeat this only for exile and there is no such thing on the island of sipta

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I have the same problem. Its only NPCs, players move fine for me. But friends are attacking enemies that are not there for me and they just randomly teleport and hitting me, while standing somewhere else. Its unplayable for me now.

EDIT: I’m uploading a video.

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Same on server 1010, at peak hours NPCs start to get stuck, stop walking, teleport or refuse to fight at all and just stand there while you kill them.

Here’s the video of the desync for me:
EDIT: Okay, I cannot put links in here, so I’ll do it like this:

Every other interaction with buildings, loot, other people is totally fine, not laggy at all. Its just the NPCs.

This is exactly what I have been observing since 3.0 on Isle of Siptah. This behavior varies in many ways.

At first I thought, because the NPCs do not disappear after the maelstrom, that the server simply can not cope in the long run, so I have increased the restart to 2 per day but a solution was not.

Hey @PhenomTaker,

Thank you for the video. Was that recorded on an Official server or co-op? Did you happen to notice how high was the ping?

We await your reply.

Heres another Video (fresh uploaded, its youtube is converting):

The desync start at Minute 02:20 - or click on the Video Chapter, everything before that is general gameplay.

Experiencing this also on Official server 1518. All NPCs and Thralls are badly desyched. Running in place. Teleporting around. Thralls not moving/getting stuck across the map and not teleporting to you. When giving commands to thralls consistently tells you they cannot reach that location even if it is right in front of them. My ping is typically around 50-60 range and 3 of my friends and others on the server are experiencing the same issues.

Have also been having issues when loading into the server where buildings/crafting benches and even items in my inventory and on my toolbar take around 4-5 minutes to load in. Never had this issue before 3.0.

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I was playing on a private server, the ping was around 100.
But it was fine in the past (before 3.0) and like I said, it only effects NPCs, players are accurate. It wasnt in this video, but when I went there with a buddy, he was moving fine and was hitting the enemies where he would see them and where they actually were (because they teleported shortly after to that location).

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Another one, starts at 04:35

Additional Information, its a public dedicated server, no coop offline or something.

Chiming in to say I and others on my official server 1820 have also experienced this. It seems to correlate with the number of players on the server, once it goes past 20 there seems to be issues and then when its near full, like 35+/40 players, NPC’s just no longer move at all unless you stand there for like 10-15 seconds and followers also don’t move at all or take commands, just stand there and teleport if you get too far away. Also I can see players move around but trying to fight others even 1v1 with no other players around there is pretty bad desync, oftentimes teleporting a few foundation lengths away. My buddy and I were fighting in this small fighting pit I built and we were constantly desynced.

When its low pop I have none of these issues.

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Here is the 1213 official conflict where I play and what I said that it is simply impossible to play on this server, animals and people simply teleport,

Greetings everyone!

We sent all the information and videos to our team for investigation.

Thank you all for your assistance in this matter. Have a great day!


Is there perhaps already one or the other information?

At peak times with almost 24 players, the desync is already strongly present and the players are also partly a bit pissed off by this condition.
Every day I put off the players but in the long run I fear for my players on the server.

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Hi Vevea,

we had the same problems and sometimes it was actually due to the internet connection or the routing to the server (tracert ip). But it also seems to be somehow related to the game and the server, the longer you play on the server, the more memory is eaten and the server CPU reaches maximum capacity. That’s why we decided to restart the server several times. G-Portal shows the CPU and memory load and offers a user interface for restarts. Since most regular players connect “Germany” to the server around 8pm, a server restart will be done at 7pm and at 4am + 12am. All regular players know about it and it is also communicated in the first info box when they enter the server. Since the restarts we don’t have such server problems anymore, but this strange behaviour of the Thralls “NPC’s” remains when they run, sometimes they stutter or teleport. Sometimes you think the companion has to learn to walk, as if the engine is picking up the environment. And if the Thrall has stuttered around in the environment several times, then it suddenly runs smoothly, see also my video from about 3.30 and the recording was made when I was all alone on the server, no clan member online.


I’m running community server and i swear this has been very bad.

Hi LZB_Gattsu,

has been? what have you done, perhaps it helps Vevea.
I wondering, that this topic is set to solved, but vivea have this problem actually (18h).

So my idea was, that vevea have the same problems that we have and i can comprehend, if i watch to the server load. And the server-load is increasing every hour.