NPC Pathing broken

I am having issues with broken pathing on NPC’s and Creatures. They dont follow pathing properly especially in combat…teleporting back and forward… maybe getting 1 or 2 hits in then leaving to go back to spawn point. Sometimes they just stand in one place even when attacked and die… It is substantially worse since the latest patch. It almost makes game unplayable. I have over 500hours in game prior to this patch and never had issues till now.

Im having the same issues, specially when traveling using map room. My follower stays next to the pillar and refuses to move and It just keep saying “cannot reach location” when I do the move commando.

Greetings Sanborn32 and malbsolisglz!
Welcome back to our forums and thank you for reporting your situations regarding the broken pathing of some followers.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please send us a video of the problem occurring?

Thank you in advance!

I’m on official server (siptah) and practically every fight mobs moving in wrong directions, followers seem unresponsive or just teleport about. Half the time fighting is about trying to guess where the mob will be next rather than where it is now!

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