"Walkable ground" Bug for every NPC on the server

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1040
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Occasionally once per day, some kind of bug occurs where all non-player characters just get stuck, cannot move and when attempting to even place a Thrall in the world, you get the message “Must place on walkable ground” or something along the lines. Thralls that are following you, would not follow and just teleport around, because they are not actually walking on ground. This has been an ongoing issue even 2 years back when I played previously, and is curious how this kind of absolutely gamebreaking bug was not yet fixed. Did the initial developer quit Funcom so now you have no idea how to fix the code?

Bug Reproduction:

N/A - Happens randomly at least 1 timer per day and lasts for hours or until server restart, which doesnt always fix the issue. Usually it is fixed by server restart if we are lucky, however that is only a workaround, not a solution or fix.

This appears to be an issue with the layering of what is actual walkable ground and what Thralls are coded to walk on such. Possibly related to the whole underground layer that other NPC’s use - such as Skeletons or Scorpions or anything that burrows underground.

The entire issue seems to be with that entire underground layer used by NPC’s bugging out everything on top.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share more details, please?

When the issue starts, do you perceive any other stuttering or lag happening or only the issue with the followers?

Also, could you share with us how many players are online when the issue starts? You can check the menu > server > player list.

We hope to hear back from you.


Yesterday when it started it was about 10:00PM CEST ( at least i noticed it when i logged on at that point ) and continued until I logged off at 02:00AM CEST.

Several days ago it started around 7PM CEST and also lasted until the server went down and was showing 9999 ping, after which it was restarted around 01:00AM CEST and fixed the issue.

It happens at random times and the cause of it is unknown.

Generally the number of players online throughout the day in the server is 4-12 where its more active in the evenings with up to 10-12 online players when I have observed the issue.

It affects no only Followers, but also Non-Player Characters. For example:

Wine-cellar dungeon: All Skeletons are either not moving or stuck underground. The final boss moves to the cage bars at the end and disappears or goes underground and you can see his health bar trough the floor - also the summoning skeletons mechanic would not work because they are underground.

Sepermeru: All Human NPCs are stuck and not moving even when aggroed. You have to go next to them for animations and combat to be initiated, and even then they just stand still and die like training dummies.

Mounds of the Dead: All Human NPCs and also skeletons.

Silver Mine Dungeon: All NPCs do not move from their spawn locations or glitch inside walls.

In Human NPC encampments in the Volcano biome as well as the Jungle biome the same can be observed.

Hello again,

Thank you for the additional information. We’ll ask our team to proceed with an investigation.

Have a nice week! :slight_smile:

Thank you, please do keep me posted on progress. I appreciate it.

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Logged on approximately 14min ago @ 18:00 CEST and the issue is present right away. My followers are having a hard time following me and are teleporting around because they seem to not be walking on “walkable ground” and NPCs also appear to be affected.

Volcano region is fully bugged and there is no following or any type of response from my follower thralls when in that zone. Same thing if you exit to the snowy part outside the volcano where even the dragon is standing still and acting like a target dummy and occasionally teleporting in the air and dropping down to its spawn to continue to be hit.

It seems to also be affecting NPC’s i try to take for a Ritual via the Sorcery system, where once brought to the tool to perform a Blood Rite, the NPC thrall that I captured appears to still be in its spawn location where it wouldnt move from or even attack me, so it would say “You are too far away” when trying to sacrifice it.

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