Desync/teleporting NPCs on a rented server

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Performance / Misc
Server type: PvP (private)
Region: US East

We’ve been getting a lot of desync/lag on a private (rented) server when fighting NPCs or when we get farther apart (there are only 5 or so players). I sent a support ticket to our provider, but I see that people have been noting this issue for over a year even on official servers.

However, I wasn’t able to find any threads that came to a confirmed solution. Can anyone tell me where to look? I apologize if there’s an obvious way to resolve this that I haven’t uncovered yet.

EDIT: It was a rogue mod eating server RAM. Issue resolved.


We see these same issues when we get 25-35 players online.
It’s highly suspected to be server performance causing the issue, but you shouldn’t be getting it with just 5 players online. Host a game on your own rig with 5 players, if thats OK, then I suspect you need to rent a better server.

I got in touch with our service provider and it seems like the issue came down to RAM-hungry rogue mods. We’ve cut back on our mod use and are seeing much better performance. I should mark this one as resolved.


It could be a memory leak problem at the server.
I have been keeping track of memory usage in single-player Conan and it can get extreme.

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