Closed Beta Footage of the New Occult Defence Scenario

It’s very easy for mobs to reach the hagstone without you noticing, because line of sight is often blocked by the stones. Starting early may give a better reward, but there’s a good chance that your hagstone will be damaged along the way, which may end up preventing you from completing higher waves for better reward. We’ll have to balance the risk/reward, plus the extra time it’ll take.

ok thanks :slight_smile: More question : Do the hagstone get fully healed between waves? Does it have a slow self regen during a wave? Is it healable by yourself during a wave?

No healing

Every 2-3 waves you get an item which will heal the hagstone by a small amount. It’s like a supply drop item in the other scene, so yes, you use it, but it’s unique so you can’t stockpile.

At Wave 23, with 37.6% Glance Reduction, I was glancing approximately 3.89% of the time. I don’t know if this continues to increase as you progress.

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Waves should stop scaling at wave 40 at which point they should stay the same…don’T ask mewhat stats to expect there. I really don’t know.

If the requirements are fairly linear as one might expect in SWL based on dumbox findings it would not be unreasonable to expect 2 hit rating glyphs needed for wave 40. Guess it’s time to start working on my second hit glyph lol.

Purely a guess btw.

I like the way that looks. The only thing I have reservations about is the rewards. You’re saying this new scenario type gives less glyph xp compared to Seek and Preserve (2 for glyphs, 1 for signets, 1 for talisman/weapon). Not sure how I like that considering Glyph xp is harder to farm than Signet xp as is. No judgement before release, but I can only wish that this new mode doesn’t end up less efficient than the old mode when it comes to Glyph leveling.

E10 in live has a scaling multiplier of x14.35, where a single scenario spawn is 129k health. The single spawns we see in DumbOx’s footage in Wave 23 (E12) are 336k health and the single spawns in Wave 26 (E13) are 447k health. If the single spawns in Occult Defense are the same as Seek and Preserve, then we’re looking at multipliers of roughly x37.4 and x49.7.

I don’t know if elite scaling follows a curve or anything, but if it does it could be as much as x300 at Wave 40 (E20). That would be 2.7 million health per single spawn (and an excessive amount of damage output). If that’s anything near accurate, I wouldn’t expect reaching the final waves to be a realistic goal. We’ll probably have an achievement for Wave 30 or something at most if I had to guess.

There’s an achievement for wave 35

Nirvelle admitted that “mechanics scaling” ends at Wave 40, but that could be interpreted in a number of ways, both narrow and broad. Based on context, I assume that covers such things as how many Mutators may spawn and how many mutations they carry with them, but I wonder if the scaling curve of stats also stops at this point. It’s not that mobs stop gaining HP every two waves past Wave 40; it’s that the curve reaches a maximum point where the scaling factor ends and the HP mobs are allotted scales linearly thereafter.

I mean, it’s roughly 1.2 to 1.4 times previous tier each time, which produces an exponential curve. But I don’t think the actual specific amount is based on any formula, it’s just arbitrary. Unless it’s some non-obvious thing like they worked out the exact character stats someone will have at each tier and balanced it off of that.

There is a significant difference between mechanic scaling, and stat scaling.

At the time the question was posed, it was correct that a set of mechanics didn’t scale beyond wave 40, because they were already ludicrously difficult at that point. Anyone up for 3 Strange Attractors at the same time? :laughing:

Stat scaling though… that’s a different story. The stat scaling will continue until integer overflow becomes a possibility. And if you are completing the waves where integer overflow comes into the realm of possibility, I would need to have a conversation with you, that well… you probably wouldn’t like.

So if the challenge you want is a scenario full of Strange Attractors with over 1 billion HP each… keep at it, it technically exists. But really, I wouldn’t recommend it. Trust me… :fearful:


I don’t know if I’ve had three present on the field at once, but I have had two. It’s fun being pulled by one Strange Attractor, to dodge out of the Acidic pool it leaves behind and cleanse it, only to be pulled by the other Mutator into Mortar fire with your cleanse gadget and Active Dodge on cooldown. :unamused: :laughing: Bonus points if a succubus roots you into place with Heartbreak.

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I know that can’t be true for the imaginary tiers because character progression becomes fairly linear once glyph/signet progression ends. Even if there is a formula it would have to be arbitrary.

I think the thing I find most exciting about the Occult Defence type is that it’s an opportunity for your gear to really be supplemented by your skills.
Once you’ve reached a certain point, a lot of the game content loses its challenge because we out gear it. This gives us the chance to find out just how far we can push the boundaries of what that gear can do.
There’s going to be a learning curve involved ofc, but for anyone who’s wanted challenging content, this is a pretty interesting development.


No…solo or duo

It does seem to consist of 3 linear parts though (E1 to 4 are proportional to IP, E5 to 8 are scaled by IP, E8 to 10 are scaled by IP) and those are roughly the cutoffs on ‘max purple’ ‘max yellow’, Of course this gives no hints about tiers past 10 because we can’t see the IP they’re aimed at. And it’s also just plain not the same slope as real gear has (like IP 1000 to 1600 basically triples damage, while tier 20 to 26 has more than tripled hp)

I’ll wait before this is finalized and released before getting excited about the challenge aspect. Bloated health/damage values and no time limit sounds like a call for an ad hoc gimmick build. Right now I imagine Wave thirty-something. Hindering, impairing, kiting everything around the stones for 30 minutes because 1. they all have a million HP, 2. I’ll die the moment they touch me and 3. there is no time limit. That’s not really a gear or skill check, but an endurance/patience check. Which is a challenge in and of itself, I suppose.

This may seem like negative feedback regarding a game mode I haven’t even tried yet, but it’s more of an example to point out that the challenge presented by this game mode may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Obviously the higher waves may not even play out like the way I expect them to play out. I don’t mind surprises.

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I think based on the damage and health of E1-E10 content you will find the numbers to be very linear. E9-E10 sees a larger jump but also a larger corresponding ip jump. This is entirely based on the content scaling though. Gear wise you are going to see large variations based on Ip due to the fact that not all “IP” is created equally.

But content wise based on the google documents and math the IP difficulty scaling is very linear to my knowledge.

I suppose that’s roughly what you stated. As for waves 20-26 tripling in hp if this is the case then perhaps they wandered from the usual linear model a bit.