[CLOSED][NANO] Unable to cast Overview of Elysium when Cartographer 1 is enabled

As the title says. After selecting the Cartographer 1 perk, I got the error “Unable to execute nano program. You can’t execute this nano on the target.” when attempting to cast Overview of Elysium. The moment I removed the perk, I was able to successfully cast the nano.

Just to add to this, you can view the nano here: https://aoitems.com/item/227508/overview-of-elysium/
And you can see it has “Self Perk Cartographer 1 not trained” for no reason in its requirements.

This bug also applies to all of the SL map nanos, not just the above as can be seen here: https://aoitems.com/nano/strain/1033/

The nanos should check for the appropriate Cartographer perk instead of all of them check only 1, or specifically:

Overview of Elysium = Check Cartographer 2 not trained
A Clear Sense of Scheol = Check Cartographer 3 not trained
A Clear View of Adonis = Check Cartographer 3 not trained
A Clear View of Penumbra = Check Cartographer 4 not trained
Knowledge of Inferno = Check Cartographer 5 not trained
Knowledge of The End = Check Cartographer 5 not trained

Insight into the Shadowlands and Overview of Nascence and Jobe both work correctly.

Thank you for your report I have been able to replicate it.