Co-op bugs and performance issues

Game mode: [Online Co-Op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [anywhere]

My friend and I are playing co-op and its his world and im having issues. Issues involve:

World becoming barren with trees, rocks, etc disappearing but still being registered in the game meaning I cant see the rock in front of me but if I keep moving into it, I become stuck.

Rocks, trees, bodies, etc can become broken and cant be harvested with any tool.

Game will sometimes make us lose all our loot if we die.

Teleporting to the host who is a few feet behind us in areas like Muriela’s Hope.

Into can not be skipped easily and will stutter when you try to skip it.

And just bad performance issues since the previous update with nerfing the followers health and damage. It seems lagger and less responsive even with perfect internet

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Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Our team is looking into the performance issues affecting the Xbox version of the game. Some have been addressed in an upcoming patch in certification and others are being monitored.
Thanks for the feedback.

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