To Any and All Who Play Co-Op

Game mode: [Online | Co-Op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [United States]

Crashes, Crashes, and More Crashes

You could be doing anything in game; be it exploring, fighting bosses, crafting, or even quitting the game. I’m not sure what specifically is causing them, but I’ve had a crash nearly every play session in both single-player and co-op.

The Bugs. Oh, the Bugs

Not being able to respawn after dying in Co-Op is becoming rather a problem. An infinite loading time after the respawn timer reaches zero forces both me and my co-op friend to quit the game and lose close to an hour of progress upon relog.

Notably, the map fails to load in while traveling or exploring. I can’t even tell you how many times me and my co-op friend have fallen through the map to wind up on the Broken Highway. This happens in both singleplayer and co-op, traveling fast or slow.

Another game-breaking bug that keeps happening only in co-op is terrible. Weapons and tools equip fine, but upon use simply fail. It’s as if the game hasn’t realized you equipped your bow and fired that arrow, or swung your sword and hit that crocodile, or drew your shield to block a blow from that kappa. I tend to notice this is happening when I’m not losing stamina while attacking. I’ve contacted my internet provider about this and they assure me it’s nothing on their end. I’m wired in, my latency and speed are good, and my friend and I are in the same house, plugged into the same modem. It’s not a latency issue, it’s a game issue.

A minor annoyance, but I’m unable to take items from inventories while my friend is the host player in co-op unless I use the take all button. As I do the majority of inventory management, this is time-consuming and rather cumbersome. I hate vaults for this reason.

Double-spawning creatures and bosses in the same spot is interesting, yet terrifying when it’s a barrow king and there’s two of them and my friends pet got my pet got me got my friend stuck in the doorway and we all died.

The Dregs is broken. The Abyssal Remnant doesn’t target correctly and constantly regens health. Archer thralls and thralls in general can’t target the darn slug for more than a moment either.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in with 2 players and fall through the map.
  2. Equip weapons or tools and fail to use them.
  3. Try to take an item from a box and fail.
  4. Die and never redrawn.
  5. Find two Barrow Kings and get stuck from pets.
  6. Go to the Dregs and watch the Abyssal Remnant stare at you and take no damage.

I understand that the devs at Funcom are working hard to keep my favorite game polished and pretty. :slight_smile: I hope these concerns are noted and worked on. We bought all the DLCs because we love Conan Exiles. It’s a wonderful game indeed, but the Bugs have caused us both more gamer rage than any other game. I love Funcom and I love their work. <3

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