Co-op unplayable, friend take over my toon

Game mode: [Online | Single-player] [co-op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [East coast is]

[Multiplayer co-op is unplayable on PS5 after most recent update/patch on 4/20/2021. When ever I invite someone to my co-op game, their character doesn’t load in and that player gets control of my character. My screen is locked in place, and if they move away I can not see them. I am pretty much locked out from playing Conan Exiles or progressing in the game when this happens. Even if the other player logs out, my screen is still stuck and my character vanishes. I took a video, but was unable to attach it. I uploaded the clip to YouTube for reference. Since you can’t post links, it can be searched for on YouTube by searching for ‘Conan Exiles PS 4/5 Co-op bug’

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in to single player co-op
  2. Invite friend to co-play
    3.Wait for friend to join

They know about it and have passed it on to the team.

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This is the “official” post if you want to check it out;

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Sestus2009 what team been 5 days now.

Get this problem fixed what are folk doing. Surely people’s job to fix this 5 days to fix this people have paid good money for this game sort it out.

We are not employees of funcom, we are just players like you!

We have provided update details. Also the relevant information for you to report the issue, and receive future updates.

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Why act big time then if you’re not employed acting like you’re part of there team. If you don’t know what your on about why speak

@LordKAA @Azda14. Like Lord said I am just a player have my own ps4 server and try to keep up to answer questions for my people. Funcom employees will have a symbol. So many new people on the forum alot of us are trying to pass information along.

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Report your problem To Zendesk

and go big time yourself !

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No one acted like, or implied that we were part of the team. But we are all part of the community.

We came here to help the OP.

We do know what we are on about, that’s why we provided the information.

Maybe you should take your own advice, Mr.Big Time…

Have a good day

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Clearly you don’t just sitting behind you’re keyboard / controller. If you spoke to me like that I’m real life you would be a sorry little ■■■■

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