CO-OP joining not working

I am trying to join my friend’s co-op game and can’t see the invite he is sending.

same happening to me in pc game pass to me


I can’t help with co-op, it’s always been rather hit and miss for me, but I will suggest you try the dedicated server app:

You run this on your machine or a machine you have access to and it loads an actual fully featured game, rather than the co-op/single player with all it’s limitations.

Caveats: If your friends are not on your network, you will have to configure port forwarding on your firewall for them to connect. Instructions are in the article but I have pulled them out, below:

Port Forwarding

Setting up Port Forwarding may differ based on the models and brands of routers and modems. However, they all use the same basic model where you select some input ports and redirect them to some specific machine on your internal network.

For example, here is what it looks like using AsusWRT (on an Asus RT-N66U):

You should enable port forwarding for BOTH UDP and TCP protocols.

I have been using the dedicated server app for several months now and greatly prefer it over the solo game/co-op.

Best of luck.

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