Co-op single player issue

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Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:
Cannot connect to singleplayer/co-op when inviting a friend gives attempting to join then follows with “Internet connection lost. You must be connected to the Playstation Network in order to play online. Please ensure you have an active Playstation Network connection.” Both of us have tried connecting to no avail.

Bug Reproduction:
Click single player activate Co-op and invite your friend.

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I feel for you bought a ps5 for my wife last week she is insisted I get one now alot of connections seems to be set right to make it work some her dlcs haven’t activated yet. Hang in there it will come to fruition understand Funcom has probably shut down for the Holidays.

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Welcome to the Forum. There is problems with single player / coop that doesn’t happen on live servers. @CowboyJesus

Yeah I figured, it is what it is if the devs get to it great, if not well they might eventually.

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I have played co-op on ps4 but it has been along time ago. The tethering drives me crazy.

Hello everyone :smile:

Could you let us know if your character is close to the guest’s unconscious character when inviting them back? Because, if not, exceeding the maximum tethering distance could impact as such.

Thanks in advance!

In my case the friend wasn’t even able to join the invite to go through character creation so I would assume so because he would spawn in the broken highway in H-2 or etc and my current location relative to that is E-9 on the map.

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Hello @CowboyJesus!

Thank you for letting me know.

Could you try to enter the desert area and let us know if your friend is able to spawn?

It’s very likely that what you mentioned is the root of the issue. Since you are the host of this “server”, you only render what is somewhat close to you, which would mean the desert area doesn’t render until you are close enough to it!

Let us know how it goes :smile:

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