Coffer problem need help

Ok its hard to explain but ill try
the coffer has no scrolling for me .
i filled it up so much i cant scroll to the bottom to see how much is in there
there is about 30 slots viewable and i have like like 70 statues in there 1000s of gold and silver bars many 1000s of gold and silver coins and dust and quite a few idols before the hot fix i could scroll the coffer and see how much was in there i was at about 100 million ish
Each item in there like for example the statues take up one slot i would think if you had multiples of a item they would be combined to take up less slots
so instead of taking up 70 slots you would have one at 70 as a example same with all the other items
i can understand bars at 1000 and dust at 500 but 1 statue 1 slot seems very unnecessary
i hope this is a over-site and they just messed up if it is ill wait for a fix but if its not i don’t see how this workable for me i have no idea the total $ i have in there atm
Any ideas or help would be appreciated i am due for a purge and hope i don’t lose what i have no clue of what could be potentially lost ,
this is my problem if u have ideas of what to do i’m all ears
i would prefer to keep it in one location if possible i;m aware that there is like a 8 tile coffer area dose that include vertical to place a second coffer ?help


I got the same issue, and also at least one of the other players on my server suffers from it. I play on PC, modded game, Private PvE server.
I noticed that before the recent fix (that solved the issues of treasures sinking into the foundations) - there was one slot for, as an example, the Derketo Cat Idol, saying how many of them I got, and so on. But after the update each treasure I got has its own separate line, thus filling the list with many entries, and I can not see the sum.
There are no scroll options in the coffer menu.

It is a temporary GUI for the Coffer. Chapter 2 will include a new GUI for it. I confirmed this yesterday in the Beta Testers discord with the dev team.


Well that’s great. Another unfinished part of the game released too early. How are we supposed to know how much we have until the next update?


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