Colection of all actuel bugs on x box isle of siptha

this thread is a colection of all bugs that show up on siptha after 3.0 update
First its not a rant thread i love the new update !
i list what i found and peopels can expand it siptha only

•sorcerer armor invisebel (FIXED)
•all delv armores invisebel (FIXED)
•yamatai and turan building pieces invisebel (FIXED)
•peopel of dragon deco tabel and chairs invisebel (FIXED)
•stygian armor on npcs invisebel(FIXED)
•convergenz trap invisebel (FiXED)
•named armorer whit hammer not make legendary repair kits (NOT FIXED):cry:
•Camel not have ther bags on
•asier crafter thralls not wearing the cimmerian fur armore :cry:

Named armorer not have the option to craft a legendary repair kit (hammer symbol on armorer ). FiXED

asier crafters not wearing the cimmerian fuer armor anymore

Camels dont have ther backpacks

Hello there @Bearhunter!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

In regards to the reported situation, does this still occur? If so, could you please let me know which Xbox model you’re playing the game on? Does this happen regardless of the game mode?

Please note that we have released a new patch in the meantime and you can find the patch notes here.

Please let us know if the situation persists after patching the game.

I am on the way to update the post was quick ingame to check it :muscle::+1::heart_hands:

Yamatai building pieces and peopels of the dragon deco furnitur i need too rebuild

have updatet the list :heart_hands::v::+1:

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Oh i forgot the twitch drope items armor and deco are in my feats but i dont can spend points on them too unlock them

oh an i am playing on x box series x and i play official pve conflict server eu siptha 7020

Ok the armorer is not fixed he only can craft the master repair kit not the legendary one

Gold ore nodes show up like silver ore

Thank you for your update @Bearhunter!

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